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2015-16 What Happened at the Pier #2 – Recalling the Journey

December 15, 2015 @ 10:00 am - February 13, 2016 @ 5:00 pm


Recalling the Journey presents over 60 objects, artworks and artefacts by over 15 artists and memory keepers in a multigenerational exhibition curated by Lella Cariddi, sharing the significant journeys of Melburnians who arrived to Australia via Princes Pier, Port Melbourne.

Reflecting on the memories and emotions of the courageous people who are our history, the exhibition features artworks, objects and social history profiles and is part of a series of shows and activations across Victoria that form part of Multicultural Arts Victoria’s 2015-16 What Happened at the Pier #2 project.

The Memory Keepers are: 

Sabi Buehler – representing her parents through text, photographs, books, heritage artefacts, tools of trade & artwork; and self through childhood books, Teddy, toy pram; origin Germany.

Lella Cariddi – representing self through text & Red Hat; origin Italy.

Anne Cocks – representing self through a self-referential quilt & various domestic objects; origin Holland.

Marcello D’Amico – representing self & family members through text & embroidered cushion; origin Aeolian Islands (Italy) .

Marietta Elliott-Kleerkoper – representing her parents through heritage artefacts, documents and a poem; origin Holland. 

Janna Hilbrink – representing her mother through text, photograph & her mother’s earrings; origin Holland.

Anita Horvarth – representing her parents through a suitcase & family photographs collage; origin Austria.

Deborah Klein – representing her aunt through photographs and text montage; origin Poland.

Anne Lane – representing her mother through text & photographs; origin Germany.

Sam Marasco – representing his father through original poetic text in Italian, photographs, pencil sketch, & text in English; origin Italy .

Concetta Nikolovski – representing her aunt and uncle through text & photographs; origin Italy.

Rossella Piccianni – representing self through digitised sound recording of her talking on the telephone  with her nonna in Italy, visual artwork, photographic collage; representing her mother through monogrammed linen pieces & an ornately framed picture of the Madonna;  origin Italy.

Helen Said – representing her father through movie camera & biography; representing her English grandmother through embroidered table cloth; origin Egypt & England.

Despina Sarikizis – representing her grandfather through text, photographs & document; origin Greek.

John Zika – representing his entire family through heritage objects, text, book, photographs; origin Czechoslovakia.

Full Memory Keeper historical accounts and descriptions available at the exhibition.

“The objects, artworks and social history profiles are significant not least because of the ongoing tension between what is considered important and therefore is recorded in the annals of Australian History and what is considered trivial and gets left out; between cultural values of some “old Australians” and the values of new; as well as old established migrants, displaced people and the many refugee seekers whose sole aim is to work in peaceful coexistence, and to make a permanent home in Australia for themselves and for future generations; between Christianity and other faiths and beliefs.”

– Lella Cariddi, exhibition curator

A selection of exhibition installation images:

Rosella Picciani, digital transcript of tape recordings

Digital transcript of  tape recordings featuring Memory Keeper Rossella Picciani aged 4-5 speaking on the telephone with her nonna in Italy, circa 1960.

Rosella Picciani, Boys on holiday

Photograph by Rosella Picciani, Boys on Leave in Sicily, 1951.

Exhibition Opening:
Tuesday 15 December, 6pm–7.30pm
Emerald Hill Library & Heritage Centre
195 Bank Street, South Melbourne

Associated public programs:
Friday 22 January 2016, 12.30pm-2.30pm
Live reading and story-telling by the Memory Keepers who have generously collaborated with Multicultural Arts Victoria to bring this project to fruition.

Saturday 13 February 2016, 11.30am- 1.30pm (also last day of the exhibition!)
The public is invited to join a guided tour with Memory Keeper Marietta Elliott-Kleerkoper who will recall her journey through poetry reading and storytelling on Saturday 13 February. Marietta was born in Amsterdam on the last day of 1937, the elder of two girls. The Kleerkoper family survived the Holocaust and immigrated to Australia in 1949. Marietta taught foreign languages and English as a Second Language in schools and universities and worked as freelance editor. Her prize winning poetry has been published in Australia and the Netherlands; the latest titled: A perfect distortion, will be launched on the 6 February 2016. In 2004 Marietta underwent surgery for breast cancer, it has recently metastasised to the spine.
Bookings are essential: via the events calendar at heritage.portphillip.vic.gov.au. For more information: call 9209 6416 or email art&heritage@portphillip.vic.gov.au.

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Visit the Port Phillip Library website for details on directions and special opening hours over Public Holidays.

Multicultural Arts Victoria (MAV) takes pride in its record of discovery, development and promotion of our cultural diversity, heritage and cultural expression. We value this important relationship with the Emerald Hill Library & Heritage Centre and the  City of Port Phillip that has enabled us to reflect on the memories and emotions of the courageous people who are our history.

In partnership with Multicultural Arts Victoria and the University of Melbourne’s VCA | MCM, the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions (CHE) is looking to appoint a post-doctoral research fellow at the University of Melbourne’s VCA | MCM to contribute to research projects in the History of Emotions, as they relate to the topic of music and the development of emotional community, specifically multicultural understanding and conciliation. Applications due 15 January, details here.

[Header image: Opera glasses from John Zika, Memory Keeper]


December 15, 2015 @ 10:00 am
February 13, 2016 @ 5:00 pm
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