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Taqi Khan - ZiNdagi
Taqi Khan - ZiNdagi This album was recorded through the Visible Music Mentoring Program, as part of Multicultural Arts Victoria's Emerge initiative. "My name is Taqi Khan and I am from Afghanistan. I belong to the persecuted Hazara ethnic group, who have resided in today's Afghanistan for over 2000 years. Hazaras have faced genocides and mass killings since the late 1800s for their ethnicity, with 62% of Hazaras killed by the King of Afghanistan. Due to this ongoing persecution, injustices and violence against us, many of us have had to flee our homeland and become refugees. I am one of the Hazaras who left the country during persecution, and have spent most of my life as refugee - full of suffering and hopelessness. In 2010 I came to Australia by boat and was detained in a detention centre. I am now living in Melbourne, studying and working on my music. Music is how I make people from my own community, and wider communities, happy and cheerful - something I have been deprived of all throughout life. I share my pain through my music. I tell the silenced stories of my people's painful history to the world with my music." $10 AUD*

Monga J Mukasa - Tonight
Monga J Mukasa - Tonight This album was recorded through the Visible Music Mentoring Program, as part of Multicultural Arts Victoria's Emerge initiative. Monga was born and raised in a musical family in the Democratic Republic of Congo. However, due to the escalating violence, he was forced to escape with his family, finding refuge in Tanzania's Mkugwa Refugee Camp. In the camp, his family continued singing and worshipping God through music, this was to be the foundation of Monga's musical odyssey. When Monga and his family first settled in Australia on 21st December 2005, they formed the Angels Voices Band with other Congolese families residing in Shepparton. Monga became the ensemble leader at the age of 10. Monga has now embarked on his solo career and in 2013 was selected to represent Australia at the World Championships of Performing Arts in Hollywood and was also inducted into the Victorian Refugee Recognition Record for his outstanding work in the community. $10 AUD*

CD - Visible Nine
CD - Visible Nine Visible 9 compilation - The 2014 Visible 9 album features indigenous singer/songwriter Dani Sib, Ethiopian singer and traditional dancer Seble Girma, alongside Tanzanian folk singer/songwriter Makota, Ethio-Jazz and funk ensemble The Lalibelas, Karen musician Hsar Pweh, Afro-Australian RnB diva Tinagee, culture keepers the Somali Peace Band and the Genesis Project, a hip hop and gospel collaboration between young Congolese and Burundian artists from Melbourne and Shepparton. From $10 AUD

CD - Visible Eight
CD - Visible Eight Visible 8 compilation - this album features songwriting collaborations between Ethiopian bassist and songwriter Yospeh H. Bekele and The Cat Empire's Harry Angus, while 16 year old Sinit Tsegay wrote her first ever original with iconic Melbourne singer/songwriter Jen Cloher. 19 year old Australian Indigenous musician Yirrmal teamed up with Blue King Brown's Carlo Santone and producer Craig Pilkington (Archie Roach) to record a heart wrenching and beautiful dedication to the Octopus, the creation spirit who lives under the ocean. $20 AUD*

CD - Visible Seven
CD - Visible Seven A compilation album featuring the sounds of multicultural Melbourne, launched at Visible in a New World conference @ the Australasian Worldwide Music Expo (AWME) 2012, featuring the vocals of Ethiopian pop star Bitsat Seyoum, Ethio-Jazz ensemble J-Azmaris, Ras Jahknow, M.Wol and more. The album is shaped by the producers and mentors who lend their talent and passion to the program, and in 2012 included Nicky Bomba, Jason Heerah (Electric Empire), Bob Knob (HopeSteet Studios), Ivan "Choi" Khatchoyan (Cookin' on Three Burners, True Live & Candice Monique and the Optics), Wayne "Lotek" Bennett and Ptero_Stylus (Diafrix). $24.95 AUD* Available for purchase from

CD - Visible volume 6
FlyBz - Just Passing Through Burundian Hip Hop duo FlyBz are have released their debut album Just Passing Through. Made up of young emcees Clik Fablice and G-Strom, FlyBz have combined forces with acclaimed producer Ptero_Stylus (Diafrix) for the production, refining their skills as quality lyric writers and beat-makers. The album follows the story of this uncle-nephew duo, from family life in Burundi, to escape in neighboring Tanzania's refugee camps following civil war in their homelands and interweaves the experiences of their new life in Australia since arrival in 2007. The album stays true to their beliefs of embracing life and love, while taking a stance on discrimination and promoting their political messages and unique lives as young refugees. $20 AUD*

CD - Visible volume 6
CD - Visible volume 6 The Visible 6 CD is the culmination of the year-long mentoring program and features the sounds of traditional and contemporary Ethiopia, a worldwide Hip Hop generation, Afro-pop, Sinhalese electro and the powerful Burundi Drummers. $20 AUD*
MAVs Visible CD 4 Visible volume 4 This volume showcases awesome local talent featuring FRESH artists First Verse and Alter Egoz and 4DS led by talented young MC /producer Momo aka Mohamed Komba(Diafrix). $20 AUD*
MAVs Visible CD 3 CD - Visible volume 3 A boom of new talent from African, West Papuan, East Timorese and Indigenous communities came on board for this volume, resulting in a world class album with producers Nicky Bomba, Airi Ingram and Momo (Diafrix). The album includes fifteen tracks that cover an amazing range of styles from Afro beat, to gospel, to Saharan blues reggae, songs from the tropics, hip hop, rnb, soul and the pulsing rhythms of the ancient Mandinka empire in West Africa. $20 AUD*
MAVs Visible CD 2 CD - Visible volume 2 Visible is an innovative arts mentorship program that has given a kick start to many newly arrived African musicians and has seen a wealth of new African Australian music talent explode onto the arts scene both locally and internationally in the past three years. $20 AUD*

CD - Visible volume 1
CD - Visible volume 1 The first ever Visible Project compilation CD with a line up of African talents that have hit our shores in recent times and have been taken under the wing by some of our top artists. $20 AUD*
Best of Visible CD - Best of Visible Visible showcases up and coming talent of emerging artists from diverse backgrounds. Some of the musicians involved in Visible have ultimately become strongly established performers and now feature in groups including Diafrix, Public Opinion Afro Orchestra, Grilla Step and Kimbaya. $20 AUD*
4 DS CD - 4DS $20 AUD*
Black Harmonies CD - Black Harmonies A musical partnership bringing together inspiring Aboriginal and African Australian artists to create this exciting and vibrant new soundtrack. The artists have shared their musical talents and strengths to create innovative and exciting Australian contemporary music. Each individual artist has contributed an original song and recorded it with support from other artists. $20 AUD*
CD - New Scool Rulez CD - New Scool Rulez Springing from the FRESH professional development program, As part of MAV's Emerge Cultural Network, the album features young MCs, Vocalists, and Beatmakers who come from diverse cultural backgrounds including Indigenous, African and Polynesian. $20 AUD*
CD - Tjudin (Koori Visible) Koori Visible CD - Bringing the Power Back (The Tjudin Band) The result of the first Visible Indigenous was the development of Tjudin and the recording of Bringing the Power Back a mini CD. David Arden, indigenous artistic mentor on the project, is a highly accomplished musician who worked alongside several emerging young Aboriginal artists to develop high quality new music performance work that integrated both traditional and contemporary elements of their culture. $20 AUD*
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Pacific Stories DVD
Pacific Stories DVD Eight Australian Pacific Islanders share their stories about the challenges of negotiating Islander culture, language and identity in an Australian context. With cultural backgrounds from across the Pacific, these filmmakers explore the struggle to keep family connections strong; investigate stories from the spiritual world; celebrate Oceanic art; and contemplate the meaning of age old traditional practices in our contemporary world. $20 AUD* Sold Out
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Book - Giving Voice
Book - Giving Voice The book provides the reader with a deep insight into the history of Multicultural Arts Victoria (MAV) that for four decades has undertaken and celebrated cultural diversity in the arts in Australia. $49-95 AUD*
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Bag -
Best of Visible
Bag - Best of Visible $2-00 AUD*
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