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Kultour: mobilising arts in multicultural Australia


Kultour was established in 2001 by the Australia Council for the Arts as an initiative of the Arts in a Multicultural Australia policy. Multicultural Arts Victoria (MAV) was a founding auspice member organisation, responsible for the overall management of Kultour and for hosting Kultour's coordinator.

In this context, MAV oversaw its transition from the informal network to its establishment as a legal entity. In 2006 Kultour adopted an action plan to address the key issues that would determine its future as an independent body.

Since 2007, it has operated as an independent a Company Limited by Guarantee that is committed to increasing awareness of Australia's multiculturalism through the arts.

MAV has worked closely with Kultour since the beginning and some of the partnership programs are as follows.

Lisa Hilli - Just Like Home

Lisa Hilli - Just Like Home

Just Like Home is an exhibition, a meal, a film and a biography, which explores artist Lisa Hilli's New Guinean and Australian heritage...more.
Arnhem Land
Zulya and the Children of the Underground

Zulya and the Children of the Underground

Aria-award winning music group Zulya and the Children of the Underground is touring to audiences across the country. Zulya's unique sound, distinctly Russian song writing and the extraordinary musicianship of her band members create melancholy, beauty and drama while weaving through a combination of musical styles...more.
Mandinka Sound

Mandinka Sound - Kultour

Experience Mandinka Sound featuring two extraordinarily talented Melbourne based West African acts: One Africa (Senegal/Gambia) & Muhanamwe (Guinea). Through music, dance and song, this unique show will take audiences on a journey that traces West African culture in contemporary Australia back to its roots in the ancient Mandinka empire of West Africa...more.

'this reminds me of some place' - Naeem Rana and Nusra Qureshi - Exhibition (Oz Asia Festival Adelaide)

'this reminds me of some place' - Exhibition (Oz Asia Festival Adelaide)

This exhibition shows a series of print and collage works about ideas of homeland, identity and belonging and how these ideas change with time. Symbolic forms representing different cultures embody the melding of traditions of husband and wife Pakistani artists Naeem Rana and Nusra Latif Qureshi...more.
Mandinka Sound

Mandinka Sound @ The Toff

Experience Mandinka Sound featuring two extraordinarily talented Melbourne based West African acts: One Africa (Senegal/Gambia) & Muhanamwe (Guinea). ...more.

Drums and Lions

REDSPAN Dance Company - Xing, White Fan and The Treasure

Redspan Dance Company's work has an original character and style of its own, expressing a complex and subtle aesthetic which reveals an intimacy, elegance, simplicity and abstract grace. ...more.

Drums and Lions

Drums and Lions

Drums and Lions allows audiences to be transported to East Africa in this unique musical collaboration between Maltese Australian reggae dynamo Nicky Bomba and Ethiopian born Azmari musician Dereb Desalegn. Touring QLD, NSW, NT, SA and VIC...more.

Katherine Minyeri
Tennant Creek

ANANKE - A kultour event produced by Multicultural Arts Victoria

Experience a rare opportunity to see an intimate acoustic performance by a trio of fine musicians. Ananke’s music is rich in cultural influences and diverse music traditions; from Greek Rebetika to Argentinian Tango, from Crossover Jazz to Ancient Byzantine and Medieval Chant, from cutting edge New Music to Free Improvisation...more.

Van Thanh Rudd: The Carriers, Local Terrain - Visual Arts

Van Thanh Rudd: The Carriers, Local Terrain - Visual Arts

Experience The Carriers - Local Terrain, an ongoing project by artist Van Thanh Rudd dedicated to exposing contemporary, culturally diverse art beyond the gallery scene to new audiences in public spaces. ...more.


Tony Yap Company @ BIWAKO Biennale 2007

Multicultural Arts Victoria is very pleased to announce Melbourne based performance company the Tony Yap Company will present "E1-Aether", a ritualistic dance-installation in collaboration with Japanese lighting designers Genta Iwamura and Rie Uomori at the 3rd Biwako Biennale in Shiga prefecture, Japan...more.

Biwako Biennale
Jali Buba Kuyateh (pic by Bill Poon)

Jali Buba Kuyateh and Diyaa Looloo - Concert Tour

Experience Jali Buba Kuyateh and his band Diyaa Looloo. Jali was born into the famous Kuyateh Griot family of West Africa and applies his kora to the Afro Manding styles, Soukous of Mali and Guinee Conakry, the mbalax made so popular by Youssou N'dour, reggae, salsa, jazz and the blues. ...more.

Tom Price
Port Headland
Yumi Umiumare, DasShoku Hora

Yumi Umiumare, DasShoku Hora

Smashed on the rocks of cultural identity, Yumi Umiumare and her DasSHOKU team , strip back the candy coloured surface of Japanese culture, in DasSHOKU Hora!! This award winning Japanese ghost-ship gathers ghost mythology from the East and sinks down into the dark dementia of Butoh cabaret. DasSHOKU suru is a Japanese term meaning to bleach, to strip off colour...more.

A thousand doors, a thousand windows

A Thousand Doors, A Thousand Windows

A Thousand Doors, A Thousand Windows is an immersive music theatre work inspired by W.H. Auden's Twelve Songs. Dubbed as the High Priestess of Harmony, soprano Xenia Hanusiak takes the audience on an arresting experience exploring the dream of belonging...more.

Seasons of Dreaming

SEASONS OF DREAMING - Chinese classical & comtemporary music

Intenationally acclaimed Chinese composer/musician Wang Zheng Ting and innovative composer Mark Elliot, take us on an unpredictable musical adventure where music of the ancient East collides with contemporary Western technology...more.

Ajak Kwai (pic by Bill Poon)

Ajak Kwai

Melbourne based Ajak Kwai performs songs of the timeless musical traditions of her people, the Dinka of Southern Sudan. Her unique vocal style is distinctly Saharan and her deep philosophical and global concerns are expressed in her heartfelt songs of love and hope for her homeland...more
Tennant Cr
Alice Spgs
Naree Vachandanda

Opposite my House is a Funeral Parlour

A compelling multi-media solo contemporary dance piece. Choreographed and performed by Thai-born dancer, Naree Vachananda, this is a deeply personal performance that explores the Buddhist concept of cyclical life and death, as a contrast to a growing Western paranoia of dying. ...more
Lismore Perth Sydney

Remember Me

Remember Me revolves around four lovers; two from the past and two from the present. It explores the pains and difficulties involved in learning to step beyond the constraints of one’s past, this cathartic process being necessary to move productively into the future. ...more.

Brisbane 2005

RONA Ensemble - Sufi spiritual music

The Rona Ensemble resurrects the ancient secrets of Sufi practices. The rhythmic music cycles engage body and spirit resulting in a selfless and stateless movement of the body, while the "zikr" opens a path to divine spiritual ecstasy...more.

Selected Kultour Events Presented by MAV

Two Sides of the Island Fremantle to Fitzroy...ABC Radio National Music Deli Concert

Two Sides of The Island...Fremantle to Fitzroy...ABC Radio National Music Deli Concert

Hosted by ABC Music Deli’s Paul Petran, this unique concert features four outstanding culturally diverse performances from Australia’s East and West Coasts! Combining artists from Kulcha and Multicultural Arts Victoria. ...more.

Up Close and Personal with...Milica Ilic & Desert Child

Up Close and Personal with...Milica Ilic & Desert Child

In the intimate setting of the recently beautifully restored Reading Room talented artists Milica Ilic (WA) and Desert Child (WA) will bring you a stunning acoustic performance to remember...more.

I Love Pho, Multicultural Arts

I Love Pho

(Re)discover Vietnam's unique history, culture and cuisine through "I Love Pho". I Love Pho uses pho as a metaphor to interpret and reveal a Vietnam whose people and history are as varied and complex as the preparation and cooking of a bowl of pho itself. ...more.