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Multicultural Arts Victoria presents

SoMo so MAV

South Melbourne comes to life with Multicultural Arts Victoria's two-day program of arts and diversity.

Friday 31 May - Saturday 1 June
Australian Tapestry Workshop, South Melbourne Market and South Melbourne Town Hall FREE


In the Media

South Melbourne butcher dices with his vocal chords for SoMo So MAV at market (Preview, The Leader)

South Melbourne butcher dices with his vocal chords for SoMo So MAV at market (Preview, The Leader)

When South Melbourne Market butcher Tony Manago announced five years ago he wanted to become an opera singer, his family thought he was mad...more.

Tony, the opera singing butcher (SoMo so MAV preview - Sunrise Channel 7 24 May 2013)

SoMo so MAV

SoMo so MAV is a two-day program of free arts and culture produced by Multicultural Arts Victoria that will bring diverse music, dance, craft, food, stories and more to South Melbourne and the Emerald Hill Precinct on Friday 31st May and Saturday 1st June, 2013.

SoMo so MAV is set to reveal some amazing South Melbourne-based talent performing alongside diverse artists from Melbourne's multicultural communities at three unique events.

With activities for people of all ages and walks of life, this free program will bring a burst of excitement to this diverse, cultural hotspot, just south of the Melbourne CBD.

Following over four decades of quality, diverse arts programming across Victoria, leading arts organisation Multicultural Arts Victoria relocated to South Melbourne's Emerald Hill in late 2011.

Since then, MAV has been actively working to make new and fruitful connections across the precinct's many arts, shopping and cultural attractions, bringing diversity and fresh artistic perspectives into the mix.

From the various ethnic, community associations based in the back-streets to the iconic South Melbourne Market to the funky retail strip to the cabaret music venues, South Melbourne is bustling.

MAV's CEO, Jill Morgan AM says: "SoMo so MAV offers an opportunity for South Melbourne locals to play host to, and engage with, an incredibly diverse array of arts."

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Weaving Stories for Kids

Friday 31 May, 10am to 1pm
Australian Tapestry Workshop, 262-266 Park Street, South Melbourne.

Bring the kids down for a fun morning of musical storytelling from diverse cultures plus weaving workshops just for kids!

Featuring artists: Ningsih Millane (Indonesian), Alejandro Aldana (Mexican), Wang Zheng Ting (Chinese)

Market Bazaar

Friday 31 May, 10am to 3pm
South Melbourne Market, Corner of Cecil and Coventry Streets, South Melbourne.

Lil 'Fablice

Do your shopping in one of Melbourne's finest, multicultural market places and while you're there, enjoy MAV's program of arts and cultural activities including:
Multicultural cooking demonstrations, traditional shaving and weaving, Indian Henna and Rangoli art, Turkish 'Ebru' marbling art, the Italian opera-singing butcher Tony Manago and lots of live music including Indigenous artist, Gnarnayarrahe Waitairie as the Black Elvis and Malian balafon player Bassidi Kone.

Special Market Bazaar music performance at 10:30am: Witness exciting collaboration by two emerging talents backed by the popular Victoria Police Showband:

  • Lil'Fablice: Originally from war-torn Burundi, Fablice continues to rise from strength to strength with a talent for lyrics, infectious groove and mentorship by Australian music icon, Paul Kelly.
  • Taqi Khan: His deep commitment to music meant that he had to flee his Afghani homeland but Taqi Khan in now rapidly emerging as a local, pop music sensation.

Meander Project

Saturday 1 June, 6pm to 7pm,
South Melbourne Town Hall, 208-220 Bank Street, South Melbourne.

Wend through a multitude of talent in unique collaborations between diverse artists from Western and non-Western, classical and contemporary, music and dance traditions.

Program 1: Collaboration between Mindy Meng Wang and Victoria Chiu Traditional music meets contemporary dance in a bold new work by two Chinese-Australian artists.

Meng Wang is an internationally accomplished guzheng player with a passion for creating cross-cultural experimentation based on her experiences of music from the East and the West.

Victoria Chiu is a VCA trained contemporary dancer who has performed, toured, taught and choreographed in Australia and across Europe.

Program 2: Collaboration between ANAM and MAV, directed by ANAM Fellow, Lina Andonovska In addition to an active and accomplished chamber music and solo career, Lina Andonovska is devoted to exploring cross-cultural intersections.

Her latest offering incorporates the classical sounds of an ANAM quintet interwoven with global sounds by Indian vocalist Parvyn Singh, Malian balafon player Bassidi Kone and Japanese shamisen player Noriko Tadano.



Alejandro Espino


Bombay Royale

Gnarnayarrahe Waitairie (Black Elvis)

Noriko Tadano (photograph by Jorge de Araujo)

Tony Manago (Opera singing_butcher)

Victoria Police Showband

Media Enquiries: Claudia Escobar, Marketing and Development Officer, Multicultural Arts Victoria, Phone (03) 9188 3681 or 0449 163 753, Email: development@multiculturalarts.com.au.

Emerge Festival

This event is part of Emerge Festival 2013.

Presented by Multicultural Arts Victoria, Emerge Festival commemorates United Nations World Refugee Day and celebrates Refugee Week in Victoria.

Produced and presented by Multicultural Arts Victoria