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Multicultural Arts Victoria in association with Tony Yap Company, Nottle Theatre and Monash University present

Kekkai - South Korean Residency and Collaboration

Australia and South Korea Collaboration and Residency 2011 - TYC and Nottle Theatre

In Rehersal at Bundanon

Work-in-progress showing Friday 2 September 2011 at 1pm
@ Alexander Theatre, Monash University

The Return performance Wednesday 7 September 2011 7.30pm
@ Alexander Theatre, Monash University,

Bundanon Residency @ Bundanon, NSW

Between the real and the unreal lies a barrier which is usually forbidden to cross.

The concept of 'kekkai' originated in primitive Shinto and are deeply rooted inTYC Japanese traditions, not only as simple markers that symbolise physical boundaries, but also separate realms.

In architecture terms, 'kekkai' represents a marker which separates two spaces: a fence, a screen, a rope, a shadow on a paper door, a light beam, even a sound.


Tickets $20/$15 available at www.monash.edu/mapa or phone 9905 1111.

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The TYC Virtual Temple artists (Tony Yap choreographer/performer, Madeleine Flynn and Tim Humphrey composers/musicians and Naomi Ota, visual artist) are examining the boundaries between the spaces of their respective artistic mediums and Nottle's physical theatre form.

Tony Yap Company and Nottle Theatre Collaboration

Tony Yap Company ( Australia )and Nottle Theatre (Korea) have a long history of collaboration, The Interdisciplinary stream of the Company which includes Tony Yap, Naomi Ota and Madeleine Flyn and Tim Humphries having previously created The Buddha My Body - A Palimpsest, which was performed in Seoul, Yogyakarta and Melbourne in 2008-2009.

Kekkai is envisaged as a major new work by the two companies which will be completed in 2012.

A one-week first stage of exploration took place in Korea in 2010, and now a second stage of three weeks is occurring in August-September 2011 in Australia.

Bundanon Residency @ Bundanon, NSW

TYC and Nottle secured a prestigious one week Bundanon residency in NSW, followed by two weeks as the inaugural Catalyst Residency at Monash University Academy of Performing Arts.

Work-in-progress showing

Whilst at Monash, the artists will share their process in a series of open rehearsals, Q&As and a work-in-progress showing on Friday 2 September at 1pm.

The Return performance

And at the conclusion of the residency, Theatre Nottle will perform their acclaimed work 'The Return', based on Bertolt Brecht's epic poem 'Legend of the Dead Soldier', at the Alexander Theatre on Wednesday 7 September at 7.30pm.

In Rehersal at Riversdale

Bush walk at Bundanon to collecting sound recordings

Won Young-Oh from Theatre Nottle in a pause between rehearsals at Riversdale