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Fo Guang Yuan Art Gallery in partnership with Multicultural Arts Victoria presents

From the Exotic to the Everyday - gems from across the islands of indonesia

"Batik in the Cirebon style from Trusmi village." Phtographer: Dr. Michael C. Ewing

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Exhibition dates

Monday 13th September - Friday 29th October 2010


Wednesday 15th September from 2.00pm

Gallery hours

Monday to Saturday 10am - 5pm
Fo Guang Yuan Art Gallery
141 Queen Street, Melbourne 3000

From the Exotic to the Everyday

This September and October, the newly formed Museum of Indonesian Arts will present their first full exhibit of arts and artefacts from across the archipelago.

Celebrating the rich and extremely diverse, artistic traditions of Indonesia, the 'From the Exotic to the Everyday' exhibit will include stunning hand-woven textiles, batik, wayang (puppets), dancers' masks, household items, jewellery, costumes and more.

Education programs 25 September & 9 October

Saturday 25th September, 2-3pm:

Gamelan music and talk on Masked Dance from Cirebon by Michael Ewing

Dr Michael Ewing is a Senior lecturer in Indonesian studies at the University of Melbourne. He received his PhD in linguistics from the University of California at Santa Barbara and has lectured at universities in Indonesia and America. Michael has more than thirty years experience studying, performing an teaching Indonesian performing arts in Australia, Indonesia and North America. His area of specialisation is the Masked Dance tradition of Cirebon, West Java.

Saturday 9th October, 2-3pm:

Talk on Indonesian Arts by Hugh O'Neill, David Mitchell & Tuti Gunawan

Hugh O'Neill was a member of the Volunteer Graduate Scheme to Indonesia designing and teaching in Jakarta and Bandung from 1958 - 1960. From 1962 he inaugurated a course on the Architecture of Asian Societies at The University of Melbourne and has lectured and published in this field for almost 50 years. He is a Senior Fellow at The University of Melbourne and President of The Indonesian Arts Society.

Dr David Mitchell is a medical doctor who spent an adventurous youth working in Jakarta, Bali and especially on the island of Sumba. Returning home to Melbourne he spent many years involved in the Australian Indonesian Association and the Indonesian Arts Society. His published articles have focused on the interface of medicine and culture.

Dr Tuti Gunawan is an anthropologist and translator, and also an inveterate collector of Indonesian traditional cloths and wearer of traditional clothing. A graduate of the University of Indonesia and of Monash University, her academic writing has focused on the Sumbanese in eastern Indonesia and the Minangkabau in Sumatra. She is President of the Indonesian Community Association in Victoria.

Admission free. For more enquiries, please contact the gallery (03) 9642 2388


This is the third exhibit presented in partnership by Multicultural Arts Victoria and the Fo Guang Yuan Art Gallery. This ongoing partnership aims to build social cohesion and harmony by celebrating the rich cultural and artistic traditions of Victoria's many ethnic communities.

The Museum of Indonesian Arts

The Museum of Indonesian Arts is a group of Melbourne based people with a long standing love of and connection with Indonesia.

Its members are very active in the Indonesian-Australian community and associations and include Dr Tuti Gunawan (anthropologist, president of IKAWIRIA), Dr David Mitchell (psychiatrist and former Volunteer Graduate in Indonesia), special guest member Dr Michael C Ewing (Senior Lecturer, Asia Institute at the University of Melbourne), Hugh O'Neill (Senior Fellow at the University of Melbourne and President of the Indonesian Arts Society) and Helen Anderson (President of the Australian Indonesian Association).

Further information

For further information, please contact: Andrea Makris on 9417 6777 or events@multiculturalarts.com.au


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