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Naomi Ota's solo installation exhibition 'Scent of Whiteness'


@ the Esplanade Theatre concourse, Singapore

12th April to 18th May 2008 @ the Esplanade Theatre concourse, Singapore


Naomi Ota's solo installation exhibition 'Scent of whiteness'

Scent of Whiteness

Naomi Ota's solo installation exhibition 'Scent of whiteness' will be held at the Esplanade Theatre concourse in Singapore from 12th April to 18th May 2008.


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Scent of whiteness" is the spatial installation using natural materials such as ramie fibre, paper, wood and others. It consists of a series of objects and uses three-dimensional fibre sculptural pieces as major elements. The overall impression of colour in the installation is white. The delicate expression of whiteness specifically emphasises a sense of slow- growing (growth with stillness). Forms of objects refer slow-transformation of nature particularly which of sea-bleached coral.

The notion of space within the installation also demonstrates an interpretation of particular issues derived from my on-going research into the spatial concepts observed at the sacred groves (Utaki) in Taketomi Island which belongs to Yaeyama archipelago, Okinawa, the southernmost district of Japan. Through this research, I am investigating the cultural meanings of 'yohaku-no bi' (literal translation: beauty of extra white), the aesthetics of paucity that is often translated as 'emptiness' or 'nothingness'. The space of extra white / emptiness is an essential element of this installation and it evokes people's recollection and imagination.

Audience can project their imaginative scenery, sound, dance and other elements generated by the experience with the installation and in the Esplanade theatre.

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The Esplanade Singapore


Naomi Ota


Naomi participated in Asian Arts Mart (AAM) 2007 in Singapore hosted by the Esplanade as the visual artist of the dance performance group 'Tony Yap Company' auspiced by MAV (Multicultural Arts Victoria). As an outcome of this fantastic networking opportunity, Ms Agnes Lim, the visual arts programming officer at the Esplanade took notice of her work.

Visual arts exhibitions at the Esplanade mostly involve local artists only . It is a significant opportunity for an Australian artist to present a work in such a prestige venue thus it is a significant outcome of Asian Arts Mart and Multicultural Arts Victoria involvement. It is also her first solo installation show in Singapore.This collaboration is very exciting and sits very comfortably with the MOU we have between Singapore and Australia which was recently renewed at Parliament House in Melbourne by the National Arts Council (NAC) and Arts Victoria.

As 2008 marks the 10th Anniversary of the significant cultural partnership between Singapore and Australia and Naomi's exhibition will provide a great opportunity to mark this significant event. Multicultural Arts Victoria looks forward to working with Noami to support this very exciting project which will further enhance strong cultural connections with Singapore.

"As an Australian artist with Asian heritage, I have an intrinsic understanding of the Asian arts community. This opportunity is significant for me to develop bridging a unique communicative and marketing advantage. It would also create opportunities for other Australian artists in the future." Naomi Ota



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