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VICTOR MISHALOW - virtuoso bandurist

Presented by Multicultural Arts Victoria and supported by Australian Federation of Ukrainian Organizations, Association of Ukrainians in Victoria, Dnister Ukrainian Credit Co-Operative Ltd and Bayda Books

Victor Mishalow
Victor Mishalow

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    When: 2pm, Sunday 12 August
    Where: Fitzroy Town Hall, Reading Room, 201 Napier St., Fitzroy
    Ticketing: Tix at door, $10

    Victor Mishalow

    Victor Mishalow, originally from Sydney, is now resident in Toronto, Canada.

    As a student he studied the instrument in Ukraine in the early 1980s, and is presently completing his doctorate on the history of bandura playing.

    Victor is an ardent proponent of the instrument and performs extensively throughout Canada and the USA, as well as teaching the bandura.

    He is considered to be one of the best players of the instrument today.

    The original bandura had 20 strings and was being already being played in the 1440s, but new concert versions today can have up to 65 strings.

    Originally played by blind minstrels and wild Cossacks, it is steadily becoming ever more popular.

    Come and enjoy a selection of songs and instrumental pieces, from old ballads to lively folk songs and classical pieces.


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