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UNIDOS (UNITY) International Human Rights Day Event & Concert

Celebrating unity between people in freedom & adversity all over the world with traditional & contemporary music & dance from Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia, South Africa, Indonesia & the Pacific Islands - Unidos (Unity) on Human Rights Day at the Old Melbourne Gaol. A Human Rights Day Marketplace will transform one of Melbourne's most infamous historical places - the Old Melbourne Gaol - with education and information stalls on display...more.
10 Dec 2005

Merry Deli Xmas @ Iwaki Auditorium, ABC Southbank Centre

One unique concert brings together four outstanding culturally diverse choirs from Austria, Sudan, Brazil and the Pacific Islands...more.
ABC Radio
30 Nov 2005

UNIFIED GECKO - 'Zomma' EP Release (Hi Fi Bar, Swanston Street)

Fresh back from Istanbul, Melbourne masters of Middle Eastern boogie, Unified Gecko launch their new single - the sexy 9 beat reggae 'Zomma'. The unique new sound will be unearthed in this one off awesome show where hotted up traditional tunes collide with reggae vibes and rootsy gypsy rhythms...where the mystique of ancient Arabia is captured by the extraordinary Unberbelly Dancers & Fingers of Fury...where some rarely seen traditional Turkish musicians set the scene for a night of hypnotic performances and dancing mayhem...more.
27 Nov 2005


The Bosnian Herzegovnian Cultural Festival will be held at the Immigration Museum on Sun 20 Nov and also celebrating Bosnian National Day on the 25 Nov. Enjoy music on the saz and traditional a cappella song and folk dance performances. Info: mtence@museum.vic.gov.au
25, 27 Nov 2005


Ruud Breteler (The Netherlands) - Multicultural Arts Professional Development

Theater Zuidplein is internationally renowned for producing new, culturally diverse programs and catering to culturally and linguistically diverse audiences and communities. In 1998 Ruud Breteler decided to ‘listen to the people’ to increase audiences. Theater Zuidplein now focuses on the non-Dutch populations of Rotterdam such as the Turkish, Moroccan, Surinam, Antillean and Cape Verdean communities. The company uses this rich diversity as a base for developing and presenting new work, building new audiences, and establishing international exchanges... more.
4-13 Oct 05

Cows and Bayonets - Exhibition of oils by Luis Bayonas

When I'm happy I worry - there's a feeling of danger that comes with it, Luis Bayonas. Cows and Bayonets is an exhibition of oils by Luis Bayonas...more.
30 Sep - 13 Oct 05

TESSELAAR TULIP FESTIVAL - Turkish Weekend (Celebrating the Origin of the Tulip)

Want to learn more about the fascinating history of the tulip and where it all began in Turkey? Come to Tesselaar and see how the Dutch transformed a wild flower into one of the world’s most treasured beauties of nature. You will also enjoy a wide range of Turkish music, dance and of course a belly dancer. Each day is packed with entertainment and delights for your taste buds...more.
17-18 Sep 2005


Jerry Yoshitomi (USA) - Multicultural Arts Professional Development

Jerry Yoshitomi (USA) is a leading international arts expert who will present a series of workshops and free public lectures during September in Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra. Jerry examines ways of increasing public participation in the arts by audiences, patrons, communities, institutions and business. Jerry has contributed on an international level to enhancing arts leadership, increasing opportunities for cultural trade and exchange, and to creating multinational and multicultural collaborations. Jerry advises leading North American foundations, arts presenters, and universities ...more.
7-16 Sep 2005

Building Bridges - Al Amel Community Festival

Leading up to Refugee Week, Al-Amel TPV Holders Association invites you to come along and enjoy a free day with a variety of activites and spaces ...more.

25 Sep 2005

Remember Me (kultour, touring 21-23 September)

Remember Me revolves around four lovers; two from the past and two from the present. It explores the pains and difficulties involved in learning to step beyond the constraints of one’s past, this cathartic process being necessary to move productively into the future. Choreographed by Gerard Veltre, this electrifying and highly physical production fuses multimedia designs with theatre and dance to create an awesome visual experience...more.

16 Sep 05, Lismore
21-23 Sep, Brisbane

Te Kotahitanga - Unity (Festival New Zealand) @ Federation Square

Te Roopu Ataawhai & Te Kerangatahi in partnership with Multicultural Arts Victoria present: Festival New Zealand. A 40 foot long carved Maori Waka (war canoe) will be rowed on the Yarra, and there will be Polynesian and Maori cultural events throughout the day, plus live screening of the Bledisloe Cup and the opportunity to break the World Record Haka performance after 4pm!...more.

23 Sep 2005



Experience an array of seasonal festive dances by youthful and vibrant dancers in colorful costumes, in tune with rustic and melodious songs taking you to the musical land of rhyme and rhythm. Join in for the exciting cultural presentation and adoration of Land by indigenous dancers. Invocation by Indian classical dancers Telling tales - a unique choreographed collection of narrative Indian Folk dances depicting cultures of different regions...more.

14 Aug 2005

in other words - a festival of poetry in translation (World Poetry)

World Poetry and Multicultural Arts Victoria present in other words - A festival of poetry in translation bringing a variety of languages and cultures; indigenous poets and songwriters; and poets and translators from Australia and overseas...more.

World Poetry
12-14 Aug 05

Hiroshima & Nagasaki 60th Anniversary Commemorative Concert (Admission Free)

No possession of nuclear bombs: echo for world peace and friendship - Hiroshima & Nagasaki 60th Anniversary Commemorative Concert at Federation Square from 2-4pm Sunday 7th August...more.

7 Aug 2005

Deli Divas @ ABC Iwaki Auditorium - in partnership with ABC Radio National

Five outstanding culturally diverse performances; Nadia Elbana (Sudan); Ria Soemardjo (Indonesia); Dang Kim Hien (Vietnam); Kavisha Mazzella & Irini Vela (Italy/Greece); and Ileana Posas (El Salvador). Held at the excellent ABC Iwaki Auditorium...more.

ABC Radio
29 Jul 2005

Saloni M - Shades of Love

Love, eros, agape, amour...has been carried with the suitcases of their ancestors, it has been sung by their grandmothers, it seeps in their blood and finds itself in their embrace of passionate words. Greeks, Turks, Cypriots, Kurds have been traditionally at war with each other. Before war though they were neighbours and friends, some were lovers - they were the various shades of love...more.

18 Jun 2005


The festival, now in its second year, commemorates United Nations World Refugee Day and celebrates the lives and cultures of Melbourne’s newly arrived refugee communities. Refugees coming from war-torn countries like Sudan, Eritrea, Somalia and Ethiopia are the largest group of recent asylum seekers living in Australia...more.

Main Concert 19 Jun 05
Seeking Djira 17 Jun
Soccer Carnival 18 Jun
Shades of Love 18 Jun

Opposite my house is a Funeral Parlour

The idea of mortality is not only philosophical but also cultural. As a Buddhist trying to collect my thoughts about mortality, I looked at various streams of Buddhism to find out, Naree Vachanda. Opposite my house is a Funeral Parlour is choreographed & performed by Naree Vachananda...more.

9-12 Jun 2005

Grand Union - Dancing in the Flames

A Grand Union Orchestra spectacular back in Australia! Dancing in the Flames is a contemporary musical journey stemming from Africa, through Europe and Asia to the Pacific Rim. Authentic roots rhythms, melodies and voices meld with jazz, choir and big band sounds to create the evocative Dancing in the Flames, a testament to the common humanity found in exquisite diversity. This is a concert not to be missed by anyone who loves music...more.

21 May 2005


ARTS LAW WEEK 16-23 MAY - MAV in partnership with the City of Yarra presents

Both Sides of the Fence -Multicultural Art, Festivals and Performance presented by Robyn Ayres, Executive Director, Arts Law, Sydney. An introduction into legal issues in the field of culturally diverse arts, festivals and performance. What are your obligations under current relevant laws as a performer, artist, arts worker or events manager. Come and meet with Arts Law to discuss specific issues with the Arts Law Lawyers. Thurs 19 May 6 -9 pm @ Upstairs-Richmond Town Hall 330 Bridge Rd Richmond FREE for MAV members, $10 non-members - Bookings Essential. For more Arts Law Week seminars, see www.artslaw.com.au
16-23 May 2005
Ajak Kwai (Musica del Mundo)

Mucia del Mundo (Music of the World) - Iwaki Auditorium (ABC Radio National)

Musica del Mundo in partnership with ABC Radio National - Five outstanding culturally diverse performances; Sudanese Community Choir (Sudan); Etienne Dinanga & Rene Sephton (Congo/Greece/Australia); Wang Zheng Ting (China); Ajak Kwai (Sudan); and Los Romanticos (El Salvador)...more.

ABC Radio
15 Apr 2005

AZAD ENSEMBLE - Uni Path (Australia wide tour)

Experience this Persian Spiritual Music Concert from Iran with Master Davod Azad, Shahram Gholaami, Pezhhaam Akhavass & Toofan Toghyani. Uni Path - uniting paths to serve his cause, to be held at St. Michaels Cathedral Melbouren. To listen to an example of their music, see www.emdaad.com.au. To read the flyer for the event, read the...brochure.

Perth: 9 Apr 05
Adelaide: 16 Apr
Melbourne: 23 Apr
Hobart: 30 Apr
Sydney: 6 May

Prayer Bells - Pentekostarion by IHOS Music Theatre & Opera

This major vocal work by Constantine Koukias draws on the texts from Old and New Testaments and writings of the great medieval mystics to create a haunting ritual of Hebrew, Byzantine and Latin Cantori accompanied by eight male voices and a set of 61 handcrafted, quarter tone brass bells commissioned by the Federation Festival, Melbourne in 2001...more.

Canberra: 19 Feb 05
Adelaide: 8 Mar
Melbourne: 23 Mar


Experience a sensational showcase of Melbourne 's best Indigenous musicians alongside their black brothers and sisters from newly arrived African communities of Congo , West Africa,North and South Sudan. Held in the heart of multicultural and Indigenous land on the banks of the Yarra River...more.

Black Harmony
20 Mar 2005

Celebremos! Cultural Diversity Week Free Concerts @ Federation Square (FREE)

Celebremos - Latin Extravaganza! Experience this free Latin Extravaganza concert featuring Azucar and Sally Ford & the Pachuco Playboys. Then come to the Latin Dance party evening featuring introductory dance lesson from Claudia de Oliveira, followed by two hours of salsa, cha cha, son and more irresistible rhythms with Azucar and Sally Ford and the Pachuco Playboys; Celebremos - African Extravaganza! Enjoy an African celebration at lunchtime, with King Marong & Safara playing music from Senegambia and Musiki Manjaro Pan African dance band...more.

17, 23 Mar 05

SILENT VOICES - Jo Malatji Exhibition

An exhibition of paintings by Joe Malatji (South African Australian) and Sutueal Althe (Ethiopian Australian) Opening speech by Judy Maddigan, MP, music performance...more.

16 Mar 2005


ANZ Multicultural Concert Series, Seniors Festival 2005

Featuring performances by Kuukua Acquah, Marcello & Pauline D’Amico, the Stiletto Sisters, Kavisha Mazzella & Irini Vela, and more. Tue 15 Mar, 11.30am - 1.00 pm @ Frankston Arts Centre; tix $2, tel. 9784 1060 Wed 16 Mar, 2.30pm - 4.00pm @ Darebin Arts Centre, tix $2, Bookings 9416 8933 Thur 17 Mar, 12.00pm - 1.30pm @ Geelong Performing Arts Centre; tix $2, tel 5225 1200
Frankston 15 Mar 05
Darebin 16 Mar
Geelong 17 Mar


Emerging & Minority Communities Information Sessions

The key aim of these sessions is to provide the communities with information on funding available through the Community Partnerships. Community Cultural Development Program of the Australia Council, to enable them to advance their artistic and social aspirations by working closely with professional artists. Communities can be assisted to maintain or reclaim their culture, to address issues of concern to them and to create contemporary artistic works, which reflect the richness and diversity of Australian communities and their cultural life...more.

Australia Council
20-25 Feb 05

PEACE & HARMONY CONCERT - The Samsun State Classical Turkish Music Choir

Hear the Samsun State Classical Turkish Music Choir. The Choir, conducted by Dr Murat Salim Tokac, has prepared a repertoire expressing peace and harmony, including works of Greek, Armenian and Jewish origin that demonstrate the multicultural nature of Turkey. For more information read the Brochure.

13 Feb 2005
Belonging - painting by Sam Neves Kitoko

BELONGING - Exhibition by Sam Neves Kitoko

The City of Melbourne, Multicultural Arts Victoria and 45 Downstairs invite you to BELONGING Sam Neves Kitoko. Opening speech by Mr. Hass Dellal, Executive Director Australian Multicultural Foundation Featuring a performance by Carlos Panguana (Mozambique) @ 45 Downstairs 45 Flinders Lane, Melbourne. Gallery hours: Tues-Fri 11am-5pm Belonging Sat 12-4pm. For more information read..Brochure.
1-12 Feb 2005

2004 Events

2004 events